SAP 2020 goes online

The Sustainability Art Prize, a yearly co-curricular event is open to all students of the Cambridge School of Art and the Cambridge School of Creative Industries. It provides a space in which the complexities of sustainability can be explored through diverse artistic practices and facilitates opportunities to engage and expand the conversation and debates surrounding ideas related to sustainability.

The knowledges and research created through artistic practices can offer the plasticity and adaptability that is required to approach such complex issues and, as Donna Haraway suggests, to ‘stay with the trouble’. This is precisely the area in which sustainability and art advance research: the area of trouble. In the artistic research it is necessary to embrace trouble, uncertainty and risk, which places the art practices in a privileged position to engage with the wider conversation about sustainability, to confront the challenges, to question injustices and to explore difficult solutions to difficult problems.

With climate change and the sixth mass extinction accelerating, the participant students in the Sustainability Art Prize have addressed such difficult issues through their practices using a diversity of media and creative methodologies. From rising sea water levels to species extinction and deforestation, plastic pollution or biodiversity loss, they have created work that talk about the complexity and interconnectedness of sustainability, knowing that what affects one part of life on earth will affect all.